Biodiversity Symposium

Biodiversity Symposium

Friday, March 24, at 1:00-5:30 pm


Indiana and Illinois jointly comprise the heartland of the Midwest, but our common border closely follows the boundary of two great biomes: eastern deciduous forest and tall-grass prairie.  The prairie fires that maintained the grasslands are now gone, and the forests are steadily spreading westward, but the legacy of the forest-prairie boundary is recorded by the specimens in our natural history collections and in contemporary differences in the biodiversity.  On Friday, March 24, at 1:00-5:30 pm, the Indiana Academy of Science is hosting a special Biodiversity Symposium with the theme “Fire and the Forest-Prairie Boundary.  The 12 presentations cover the diversity of organisms we Midwesterners know and love, they provide insight into how our natural history collections are maintained, and they demonstrate how large databases and the internet are making this information widely available.  These presentations include:


Comparative Mammal Diversity of Illinois and Indiana: Status of Our Knowledge and Collections
Angelo Capparella, Illinois State University


Current and Historical Avian Biodiversity Patterns from Digitized Specimens from Indiana and Illinois: Identifying Strengths and Gaps for Future Work
Heather Lerner, Earlham College


Patterns of Herpetofaunal Diversity Across Illinois and Indiana
Bruce Kingsbury, Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne


Fishes of Indiana and Illinois: Current Diversity and Status of Collections
Brant Fisher, Indiana Department of Natural Resources


Wee Plants and Big Databases: Lichens, Bryophytes, and the Origin of Symbiota
Walter Fertig, Indiana University Bloomington


The Vascular Flora of Illinois and Indiana: Boundaries, Diversity, and an e-Flora
Paul Rothrock, Indiana University Bloomington


Expanding the Inventories of Illinois and Indiana Fungi using Digitized Specimen Data
Andrew Miller, Illinois Natural History Survey


The Riffle Beetle Collection at the Field Museum of Natural History, a Treasure Trove of Local Aquatic Biodiversity
Crystal Maier, Field Museum of Natural History


The Diversity of Spiders and Millipedes in Illinois and Indiana
Marc Milne, University of Indianapolis


An Overview of Illinois and Indiana Crayfish
Roger Thoma, Midwest Biodiversity Institute


Mollusks of Illinois and Indiana — What We Know and What We Don’t Know
Jochen Gerber, Field Museum of Natural History


BioDiversity is Essential: Development of Exhibits about Fundamentals of Nature
Roger Hangarter, Indiana University Bloomington


The Biodiversity Symposium is open to everyone attending the 132nd Annual Academy Meeting, and we invite you to
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