Volume 121, #1 (2012)


A Preliminary Survey of Diatom Taxa from Old-Growth Forest Tip-up Pools in Southeastern Indiana Flatwoods.
by Robert G. Verb and Darrin L. Rubino


Are Fast Food “Trans-Fat” Claims True? An Infraspec VFA-IR Spectrometer Analysis of Trans-Fat Content in Fast Food French Fried Potatoes.
by Sharron K. Jenkins*, Patty Campbell, Lakiska Flippin, Nicole Helsel, Chelsea Sieradzki, Jose Haro and Bharathi Muthusamy
Synthesis and Photophysical Properties of a Novel Bodipy Dye with a Heptadecyl Group at the Meso Position.
by Katelyn Cordell and Priya Hewavitharanage*

Plant Systematics and Biodiversity

The Vascular Flora and Vegetational Communities of Mississinewa Woods in Randolph County, Indiana.
by Donald G. Ruch, Kemuel S. Badger, Brittney C. Daugherty, Byron G. Torke and
Paul E. Rothrock
Results of a Biodiversity Survey at Goose Pond Fish and Wildlife Area, Greene County, Indiana.
by Daryl R. Karns†, Donald G. Ruch*, Barbara Simpson, Bradley Feaster, Lee Sterrenburg, Amanda Bellian, Brant E. Fisher, Dan Gorney, Jeffrey D. Holland, Robert P. Jean, William W. Jones, Megan McCarty, William N. McKnight, William J. Murphy, Scott Namestnik, Lenore P. Tedesco and John O. Whitaker, Jr.

Zoology and Entomology

A Survey of Odonata of the Patoka River National Wildlife Refuge and Management Area.
by Donald L. Batema, Amanda Bellian and Lindsey Landowski.

Behavioral Interactions between Blackstripe Topminnow and other Native Indiana Topminnows.
by Trent M. Sutton, Rebecca A. Zeiber, and Brent E. Fisher.

Morphology and its Effect on Habitat Selection of Stream Fishes.
by Kevin A. Gaston, Jaclyn A. Eft and Thomas E. Lauer.

A Fossil Shrew (Mammalia, Soricidae) from the Pipe Creek Sinkhole (Late Neogene: Hemphillian), Indiana.
by Nicholas J. Czaplewski, James O. Farlow and Anne Argast

Observations on Periodical Cicadas (Brood XIX) in Indiana in 2011 (Hemiptera: Cicadidae: Magicicada spp.).
by Gene Kritsky, Jessee Smith and Roy Troutman

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