Volume 121, #2 (2012)

Environmental Quality

Beaver-Dredged Canals and their Spacial Relationship to Beaver-Cut Stumps.
by Matthew J. Abbott, Brandon Fultz, Jon Wilson, Jody Nicholson, Matt Black, Adam Thomas, Amanda Kot, Mallory Burrows, Benton Schafer, and David P. Benson
Physical and Chemical Limnology of three Lakes within Hoosier National Forest.
by Thomas P. Simon, Reid Morehouse, and Stephanie L. Worden
Seventeen Years of Change in two Sphagnum Bogs in Noble County, Indiana.
by Samuel R. Bender, Anthony L. Swinehart, and John P. Boardman

Microbiology and Molecular Biology

Effects of Hyperthermia on the Ultrastructure of Spontaneous Mouse Mammary Tumors with Reference to Viral Dysmorphogenesis.
by Mohinder S. Jarial, Duncan T. Kennedy, and John H. Wilkins

Zoology and Entomology

Screening of Insecticides in Bats from Indiana.
by Ronny R. Eidels, John O Whitaker, Jr., Michael J. Lydy, and Daniel W. Sparks
A new Junior Synonym for Raptoheptagenia Cruentata (Walsh, 1863) and Remarks about Nearctic Heptagenia Walsh, 1836 (Insecta: Ephemroptera: Heptageniidae).
by Luke M. Jacobus, and J. M. Webb
Is there Hope for the Hoosier Frog? An Update on the Status of Crawfish Frogs (Lithobates Areolatus) in Indiana, with Recommendations for their Conservation.
by Nathan J. Engbrecht, Perry J. Williams, Joseph R. Robb, Daryl R. Karns, Michael J. Lodata,
Todd A. Gerardot, and Michael J. Lannoo
Breeding Frequency and Success of Eastern Spadefoots, Scaphiopus Holbrookii, in Southern Illinois.
by John G. Palis
On the Contribution of Allometry to Morphological Variation in a Freshwater Gastropod Elimia Livescens.
by Dustin A. S. Owen, Anna Settineri, Stephen J. Jacquemin, and Mark Pyron

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