Distinguished Service Award

The following individuals have been recognized as providing service to the Academy above and beyond anything that might be expected.  The year that each individual was recognized for special service is listed by the name of the recipient.

Distinguished Service Award Recipients

Michael Foos (2016)

Burden, Stan (2015)

Hansen, Uwe J. (2014)

Curry, James (2013)

Berry, James (2012)

Shaffer, Nelson (2011)

Guthrie, Frank (2009)

Ruch, Donald G. (2008)

Gommel, William R. (2005)

Jones, Duvall A. (2002)

Dolph, Gary E. (2000)

Oster, Holly (1999)

Daily, William A. (1997)

Kenoyer, Fay (1997)

Frazier, Edward L. (1996)

McKnight, Bill N. (1995)

Mueller, Wayne (1994)