The 136th Annual Academy Meeting was held virtually on March 21, 2021.  You can view recordings of Workshops, Hot Topics, and Keynote Speakers here!

Meeting Opening - Rick Crosslin

President's Address

Eric (VJ) Rubenstein
Vanessa Quinn


Eoghan McCroskey - Springtail Ecology and Identification
Douglas Roossien - Expansion Microscopy: a broadly accessible method for super-resolution microscopy using standard confocal microscopes
Zhihai Li - Diving into Bio, Material and Chemical Analysis - From Concept to Technique
Paul Rothrock - 2021 Indiana Plant Photographic Scavenger Hunt

Keynote Speakers

Robert Fullilove - "Health Disparities and Viral Pandemics: What Comes Next?"
Bill Sullivan - "Pleased to Meet Me: Genes, Germs, and the Curious Forces that Make Us Who We Are"

Hot Topics

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