Ferns Identification Workshopled by Dr. Roger Hedge, Division of Nature Preserves, Indiana Department of Natural Resources.  

With approximately 80 species in Indiana, ferns are found in a variety of habitats from wetlands to xeric outcrops. These plants are challenging to identify but are important members of plant communities. Geared toward beginners, this workshop is for those who have an interest in fern identification but lack field experience with this group of plants. Basic vocabulary, fern morphology, important field characteristics, and distribution will be addressed for some common Indiana ferns. Please bring a hand lens. There is no additional cost to attend the workshop, but space is limited to 20 participants so sign up early!  


spider.jpeg Spider Workshop  - led by Dr. Marc Milne, Assistant Professor of Biology at the University of Indianapolis, and Emily Stern, undergraduate student,  University of Indianapolis.

Spiders are everywhere, including Indiana. They are integral to every Indiana ecosystem, yet information on spiders is sparse, even in North America. Identification of spiders is often the first step to understanding their influence on, and niche within, Indiana habitats. In this workshop for beginners in spider identification, we will explain spider anatomy, important functions of spider parts, and the role of certain structures in identification. We will examine these parts together as a group and, using the latest identification guide to spiders in North America, identify spider specimens that represent the most common spider families in Indiana. The cost of the workshop is $40 because each participant will receive and keep the latest copy (2nd edition) of Spiders of North America: An Identification Guide at this reduced price.
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