Amphibians and Reptiles of Indiana

by: Sherman A. Minton, Jr.

This extensively revised 2nd edition is one of the best state treatments for herps, by one of the foremost authorities. The shaded range maps make it a useful reference for eastern North America, and especially the surrounding states.

The author was a native of southern Indiana where he spent his youth developing an appreciation of amphibians and reptiles while exploring natural areas along the Ohio River, especially the "Knobs" region. A long-time member of the Indiana University School of Medicine, he was an expert in the study of venomous reptiles and the toxicology of venom. Curiously, his father, who was a U.S. Senator and the first U.S. Supreme Court Justice from Indiana, attempted to dissuade Sherman Jr. from being a herpetologist. We are fortunate Dr. Minton, like so many sons and daughters, only partially listened to his father. 

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