Native Trees of the Midwest: Identification, Wildlife Values, & Landscaping Use. Revised and expanded 2nd edition.


Paper cover, 6.5 x 9.5 inches, 2.0 lbs, 356 pages, 26 keys, 841 color photographs, 23 b&w illustrations, 133 distribution maps, illustrated glossary, bibliography, species index

The authors clearly know our silvaflora. This is easily the best book on trees of the Midwest, and a must have for any serious gardener, botanist, or natural areas biologist.

Sally Weeks was born and grew up on a dairy farn near Winamac, Indiana. She taught aspects of tree identification at Purdue University for 25 years, and considers Charlie Deam her mentor. Harmon Weeks was a professor of wildlife science in forestry and natural resources at Purdue University; he taught habitat management for 25 years. George Parker is professor emeritus of forestry and natural resources at Purdue University; he studied old growth forests and the dynamics of forest communities. 

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