Flora of the Chicago Region: A Floristic and Ecological Synthesis


Hard cover (laminated) and eBook (see below), 8.5 x 11 inches, 9.75 lbs, 1390 pages, 3200 maps, 2000 line drawings (at least one per genus), keys, etymology of genus and species name, glossary, several indices, 40 color plates/figures, associates (other vascular plant species, animals, fungi, bryophytes, lichens), pollination observations, phenology, introduction date for non-native taxa, birthplace of the new famous Coefficient of Conservatism (C-value), 3 large format bookmark inserts    Priority shipping only

"This will be considered the most complete flora ever written for any place in the U.S. They have meticulously and accurately brought the status of vascular plants in the Chicago region up-to-date, while painstakingly recording an incredible array of interactions between the flora and other organisms, especially insects. The intricate pollination of some plants, many of these associations not previously known or recorded, is almost beyond belief." - Robert H. Mohlenbrock, Distinguished professor emeritus, SIU Carbondale

Flora of Chicago Region is magnificent – a major contribution to biodiversity studies. – E.O. Wilson

"The Scholarship is Off the Scale!" - Bill N. McKnight

This tome substantially supercedes the 4th edition of the now out-of-print Plants of the Chicago Region (Swink & Wilhelm, 1994).

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