Winona Welch Award for Botanical Biodiversity Research


Description of the Award


Established by funds donated to the Academy by Winona Welch, Ph.D., this award is intended to support biodiversity research (e.g., surveys and systematics) of plants and their allies (e.g., algae and fungi). One award of $2500.00 will be made each year for worthy proposals. Proposals are due February 15; announcement of the award will be made about March 1. Recipients must submit a final written report and make a presentation at the annual meeting of the Academy. All recipients are encouraged to submit a manuscript for publication to the Proceedings of the Indiana Academy of Science. For more details on this program, see below.

Please download the following documents for further guidelines, application form, and final report cover page:

Welch Award Guidelines

Welch Application Cover Page

Welch Award Final Report


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