Section Officers for 2019-2020 are listed below

**Section Chair and Vice-Chair terms begin June 1, 2019.



The mission of the Anthropology Section of the Indiana Academy of Science is to actively promote the completion and dissemination of professional anthropological research by anthropologists working in, or based in the State of Indiana. Anthropology in America is a four-field discipline, combining sociocultural anthropology, linguistics, archaeology, and biological anthropology to form a multifaceted science that describes and explains the human condition through time.

Jacob Wood - Chair                       (2019-2020)
Arden Mower - Vice Chair                         (2019-2020)




The objectives of the Botany Section of the Indiana Academy of Science are to promote research and the dissemination of information about plants, fungi, and related organisms; to encourage communication and cooperation among Indiana and regional botanists, mycologists, and plant pathologists; to encourage investigations and discussions to further our knowledge of these organisms and their systems and interactions; and to advance our understanding of their role in the life sciences.

Philip Villani - Chair                          (2019-2020)
Darrin Rubino - Vice Chair                         (2019-2020)


Cell Biology


Jonathan Lowery - Chair                      (2019-2020)
Erika Sorensen-Kamakian - Vice Chair                (2019-2020)




The mission of the Chemistry Section of the Indiana Academy of Science is to promote research and education in all fields of chemistry with particular emphasis being placed on providing a venue for both the formal and informal exchange of ideas and research results among chemists and chemistry students in Indiana.

Zhihai Li – Chair                                    (2019-2020)
 Patrick McVey - Vice Chair                     (2019-2020)


Earth Science


Paul Doss – Chair                    (2019-2020)
William Elliott - Vice Chair                            (2019-2020)




The mission of the Ecology Section of the indiana Academy of Science is to promote studies of the biotic and abiotic ecological interactions of Indiana's flora and fauna, provide a venue for the presentation of current research and the exchange of information and ideas, and to disseminate ecological information to public, private, and governing bodies. The IAS Ecology Section mission statement parallels that of the Ecological Society of America, but focuses on ecological science in Indiana. Our mission is to: - promote ecological science in Indiana by improving communication among Indiana ecologists; - raise the public's level of awareness of the importance of ecological science to Indiana; - increase the resources available for the conduct of ecological science in Indiana; and - ensure the appropriate use of ecological science in environmental decision making in Indiana by enhancing communication between the ecological community and policy-makers.

Daragh Deegan – Chair                       (2019-2020)
Jeremy Sheets - Vice Chair                    (2019-2020)




The mission of the Engineering Section of the Academy is to develop more participation in from university faculty, state and federal employees and industrial entities in all aspects of engineering. In recent years the Section has attracted only a few papers for the technical session;  we plan to increase the number of abstract submissions for the Section. Despite the numerous branches of engineering that exist (Aeronauticl, Chemical, Civil, Materials, Electrical, Agricultural, Mechanical, Agricultural, Biological, Environmental, etc.),  papers submitted have included only the aeronautical and civil specialties. Only a few universities in Indiana award engineering degrees. Purdue, Rose-Hullman, and Tristate Universities have the bulk of the students, but there are other schools with smaller enrollments, for example, Southern Indiana University.
Michelle Marcinel Payne – Chair                                    (2019-2020)
Irene Reizman - Vice Chair (2019-2020)


Environmental Science


The Environmental Science section of the Indiana Academy of Science seeks to promote research in diverse areas that support the biological, chemical, and physical integrity of the natural environment in Indiana. We seek to encourage communication between Indiana scientists and others conducting research in the many different disciplines that incorporate environmental quality, and we strive to promote excellence in education through science-based programs. Finally, we encourage the dissemination of research on environmental quality and public involvement with these issues.

Charles Crawford – Chair        (2018-2019)


Microbiology & Molecular Biology


The mission of the Microbiology and Molecular section of the Indiana Academy of Sciences is to support the fundamental research of its members as well as to expand the knowledge and scope of the section's researchers by encouraging feedback and discussions among one another when a particular aspect of research has not been fully examined. By encouraging student membership and meeting participation we hope that the section will continue its excellence in biological research.

Minal Mulye – Chair                           (2019-2020)      
Christopher Stobart - Vice Chair                         (2019-2020)

Physics & Astronomy


The mission of the Physics and Astronomy Section of the Indiana Academy of Science is to promote fundamental research and education in physics, astronomy, and astrophysics in Indiana, with a particular emphasis placed on fostering research performed by undergraduate and graduate students.

Ryan Wes Tobin - Chair                       (2019-2020)
Adam Rengstorf - Vice Chair                   (2019-2020)


Plant Systematics & Biodiversity


The mission of the Plant Systematics and Biodiversity Section of the Indiana Academy of Science is (1) to promote studies in plant taxonomy and systematics, (2) to foster knowledge of the occurrence and distribution of plant species, (3) to enhance an understanding of the ecology of plant species and plant communities, and (4) to champion conservation of plant biodiversity in the State and Midwest region.

Nick Harby - Chair                             (2019-2020)
Kemuel Badger - Vice Chair                          (2019-2020)


Science Education


The objectives of the Science Education section are to disseminate information about new and/or innovative teaching methodologies and practices in science, to facilitate communication among science educators, and to improve the quality of science teaching and learning.

J. Shireen DeSouza – Chair                                  (2019-2020)                              
Christine Barlow - Vice Chair          (2018-2019)




The mission of the Zoology/Entomology Section of the Indiana Academy of Science is to enhance knowledge in this area of biology. Research interests of the membership are broad and include studies of behavior and composition of animal populations in Indiana, evolutionary and ecology studies, and physiological studies from the system to the cellular level in many different animal species.

Maraiah Russell – Chair                                 (2019-2020)
Brian Gall - Vice Chair                (2019-2020)


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