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Online access to recent Proceedings of the Indiana Academy of Science (since 2016) are available to members only. Log in first to gain access, then Click on this Link.

The Proceedings of the Indiana Academy of Science is the official publication of the Indiana Academy of Science.  Issues go back to our 1885 founding.  Prior to 1990 (Vol. 99), the journal was  an annual publication, with many of the volumes hard bound.  Since 1990 it has been published semiannually, with all issues being paper bound.  Most past issues are still available for purchase (here). For additional information, contact our librarian, Jocelyn Lewis.

Quick turn-around time between submission of articles and their publication is a policy of the Proceedings.  Most papers are published within six months of the date of acceptance.  Many are published within six months of initial submission.  All papers are reviewed by two expert peer reviewers.

Papers published in the Proceedings are indexed by all the appropriate indexing services (Biological Abstracts, Chemical Abstracts, on-line services, etc.).  The Proceedings of the Indiana Academy of Science is an excellent choice for papers dealing with science in Indiana or the Midwest.  Manuscripts and all correspondence should be sent by email to the editor, Erin Gerecke

Archived copies of the Proceedings of the Indiana Academy of Science from 1891 to 2013 are located here.  Articles in these volumes can be searched by author, title, or key words. They are being held for the Academy at https://journals.iupui.edu/index.php/ias.

Original copies of many of these volumes are available for sale here.


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