The following scientists have been recognized by the Academy as exemplary scholars.

Distinguished Scholar Award Recipients:

Donald G. Ruch (2021)
Patrick M. Motl (2019)
John Castrale (2018)  
Gene Kritsky (2017)
James Farlow (2016)
Homoya, Mike (2015)
Rothrock, Paul E. (2014)
Bement, Arden L., Jr (2013)
Dilcher, David (2012)

Whitaker, John O., Jr (2011)
Jackson,Marion (2009)
Murray, Haydn H. (2005)
Edmondson, Frank K. (2003)
Day, Harry G. (2002)
Davidson, Ernest R. (1998)
Heiser, Charles B. (1997)
Lindsey, Alton A. (1996)

Brown, Herbert C. (1995)


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