Shaad Ahmad

Associate Professor of Biology

Full Name
Shaad Ahmad

Research interests
cell-biology , microbiology-molecular-biology , science-education

Dr. Shaad Ahmad is originally from Bangladesh. As an undergraduate in the laboratory of Dr. Edward Cox at Princeton University, he focused primarily on using molecular biology approaches to study development in the slime mold Dictyostelium. Then, wanting to add genetics to his repertoire, he joined Dr. Bruce Baker’s laboratory at Stanford University for his PhD, where his investigations into the targets of sex determination in Drosophila were published in the journal Cell. Subsequently, wanting to also incorporate genomic, computational, and systems biology approaches into his research and work on a subject with more immediate relevance to human health, he joined Dr. Alan Michelson’s laboratory, first at Harvard Medical School, and then at the National Institutes of Health, for his postdoctoral work on heart development. He is presently an Associate Professor of Biology at Indiana State University, where he continues to study heart development using both Drosophila and human induced pluripotent stem cells.


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