Paul Doss

Professor of Geology

Full Name
Paul Doss

Research interests
earth-science , environmental-science

Paul Doss earned a BS in Geology from IUPUI, and a PhD from Northern Illinois University. Currently a Professor of Geology at the Univ of Southern Indiana (USI), he was Chair of Geology and Physics for eight years. Doss served as the Supervisory Geologist for Yellowstone, and also worked in Indiana Dunes, Acadia, and Everglades National Parks. He received resource protection awards from the National Park Service (2001) and the US Forest Service (2008), was honored as USI’s Integra Distinguished Professor in 2007, was named IUPUI School of Science Distinguished Alumnus in 2016, and delivered a TEDx talk in 2017. Doss served two terms as Chair of the Geological Society of America’s (GSA) National Committee on Geology and Public Policy and was the GSA Visiting Scholar for Earth Science Policy in Washington DC in 2017. In 2021, Doss served as the President of the Indiana Academy of Science, and in 2022 he was elected Fellow by the Academy and by the Geological Society of America. Doss’ research examines impacts of land use and climate change on aquatic systems in Michigan and bedrock aquifers in Indiana, and public land management in National Parks and National Forests. He’s been a long-term instructor for the Yellowstone Institute and Indiana Master Naturalists, and at USI he teaches courses on Environmental Geology, Geology of National Parks, Water Resources, and directs student research. Doss is an ardent proponent of incorporating scientific knowledge into the daily lives of all and in public policy at all levels.


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