Orchids of Indiana

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Hard cover (cloth w/ dust jacket), 7 x 10 inches, 2.8 lbs, 275 pages, 95 color plates, 96 maps, numerous well-rendered pen and ink illustrations (mostly capsules) by Paul Nelson (the author’s cousin)



A classic treatment of this spectacular plant family, with outstanding illustrations and photographs (the latter mostly by Lee Casebere, Homoya’s former colleague at the IDNR Division of Nature Preserves). An outstanding reference for Indiana, it also serves as an excellent reference for the central Midwest regions because the flora in the states adjacent to Indiana is similar to that within Indiana. Range maps of orchid distribution throughout North America are included.

The author, a native of southern Illinois, has been with the Indiana Division of Nature Preserves since 1982. He devotes most of his time to searching for and monitoring endangered plants and inventorying and assessing natural areas. His careful study and deep understanding are both evident in the wonderfully informative text.

“One of the best plantsmen ever to walk the Indiana landscape.” – Bill McKnight

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