Senior Research Grants Program

The Senior Research Grants Program provides grants of up to $3000 for Academy members or the undergraduate or graduate students they sponsor to support the purchase of supplies, travel costs, salaries of research assistants, field costs, and limited equipment purchases. While the selection process favors applications from investigators with limited resources, start-up projects, and those with special impact on Indiana, a wide variety of projects have been funded in the past.  The deadlines for the submission of proposals to the chair of the Research Grants Committee are 15 September and 1 March of each year

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Junior Research Grants Program

Junior Research Grants support work by students in the 9th-12th grades working with Academy member teacher-mentors by providing up to $300 for supplies and materials for their independent science projects.
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Winona Welch Award For Botanical Biodiversity Research

The Winona Welch Award for Botanical Biodiversity Research supports biodiversity research (e.g., surveys and systematics) of plants and their allies (e.g., algae and fungi). One award of $400.00 is made each year for worthy proposals.

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