The Budget Committee shall be composed of:  members of the Council, Awards committee chair, Biodiversity/Natural Areas Committee chair, Finance Committee chair, Proceedings editor, Newsletter editor, Special Publications editor, Librarian, Webmaster and Youth Activities chair.  Others may be present by invitation, but without vote.  The Budget Committee shall meet after the annual meeting date but before May 15th each year to establish the operating budget and to allocate trust income for the following fiscal year.  Revisions of the budget or allocations of trust income may be made by a two-thirds of the Council.

Members (2018 - 2019)


Alice Heikens (President)                                                    (2018-2019)
Vanessa Quinn (President-elect)                                       (2018-2019)
Horia Petrache (Immediate Past President)                     (2018-2019)
Delores Brown (Executive Director)                                 (2018-2021)
James Mendez (Chair, Research Grants Committee)    (2017-2020)
Thomas Dolan (Chair, Academy Foundation)                 (2018-2021)
Michael Finkler (Treasurer)                                                 (2018-2019)
Jeffery Holland (Chair, Biodiversity/Natural Areas)       (2016-2019)
Luke Jacobus (Member-at-large)                                      (2017-2020)
Jocelyn Lewis (Librarian)                                               
Bill McKnight (Editor, Special Publications)                      (2018-2021)
Marcia Moore (Chair, Awards Committee/Webmaster)  (2018-2021)
Patrick Motl (Member-at-large)                                           (2018-2021)
Jessique Ghezzi (Secretary)                                                 (2018-2021)
Paul Rothrock (Co-Editor, Proceedings)                            (2017-2020)
Donald G. Ruch (Co-Editor, Proceedings)                         (2017-2020)
D. Blake Janutolo (Editor, Newsletter)                               (2017-2020)

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