The Proceedings Editorial Board shall be composed of members selected by the Proceedings Editor.  The term of each board member shall be three years, concurrent with the term of office of the Editor.  Board members may be reappointed for additional terms.  Editorial Board members will be selected for their knowledge of particular fields of science so that the total board may constitute a broad spectrum of scientific expertise.  The function of the Editorial Board shall be to assist and advise the Editor in editing and publishing the Proceedings of the Indiana Academy of Science. 


Donald G. Ruch (Co-Editor)                                           (2020-2023)
Paul Rothrock (Co-Editor)                                              (2020-2023)

Section Chairs:
Grace Bocko, Anthropology               
Michael Watters, Botany                         
Patrice Bouyer, Cell Biology                  
Jordan Froese, Chemistry                    
Tyler Dennis, Student Member, Earth Science               
Eric McCloud, Ecology                        
Luis Palacio, Engineering                 
Open Position, Environmental Science 
Kevin Drury, Mathematics              
Samina Akbar, Micro and Molec Bio         
Ryan Wes Tobin, Physics and Astronomy   
Collin Hobbs, Plant System/Biodiv         
Open Position, Science Education         
Brian Gall, Zoology and Entomology                                                                

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