Research Grants The Research Grants Committee shall consist of six members, elected for three year rotating terms, and may stand for reelection. The Secretary shall serve as an ex officio member, but without vote.  The committee shall receive senior research grant applications, determine grant recipients, and the amount of the individual grants from funds designated by The Academy for that purpose.  The committee shall report regularly to the Council.


James Mendez, Chair (2020-2023)

Minal Mulye (2020-2023)
Zhihai Li (2020-2023)
Ed Clements (2019-2022)
Forrest Collin Hobbs (2019-2022)
Marc Milne (2019-2022)
Glené Mynhardt (2018-2021)
Jessique Ghezzi-Haeft (ex-officio) (2019-2021)

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