Rantings of a Mad Botanist: A Comprehensive Guide to Gardening and Land use Practices Emphasizing Central Indiana

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Hard cover (laminated), 7 x 10 inches, 3.2 lbs, 456 pages, 105 tables and figures (line drawings, b&w photos) plus many lists, numerous relevant quotes, glossary/index, resources, 106 chapters including topics that are rarely covered



“Why didn’t you write this book 30 years ago when I REALLY needed it? Think how much time and money I could have saved. It should be at every nursery & garden center in the central Midwest.”  – Dr. Terri Park

“Great book. I found it entertaining and informative. Not only could my mom read and get something out of it, but so could a horticulture student at Purdue.”  – Ryan Volz, Rosie’s (Garden Center) Indianapolis

The author is a former museum curator and biology teacher with over 50 years gardening experience. He lives on a three-acre property in Indianapolis where he deals with the usual issues of an urban landscape, especially exotic invasives.

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